The Road Less Traveled

trees-in-the-sunThe ‘road less traveled’ is your high road. Keep your product high quality, and don’t compromise to compete with lower quality, lower priced items or services. Set your expectations high, and exceed them.

Once you have earned your customer’s trust with your quality –  stay the course. It is tempting to go with cheaper suppliers, or cut corners – but this becomes obvious and it can ruin your reputation.

Treat your customers and your employees as the valuable resources they are. People are what is important here. At the end of the day – there is nothing left but your relationships. So take care of your ‘people’ and they will take care of you.


Greed may be the worst thing that is happening in our country today. Corporations are big offenders. Emphasize “buy local, support your neighbors” and we will all have enough to go around!