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Linda Griffitts

Phone: 407-342-1950 (Yes I am located in Boise Idaho)

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Marketing and Promotions for Small Business

I have worked for corporations big and small, but I find I really like to work with sole proprietors who just want to get the word out about their store, their service or their product. Working with owners streamlines the idea and approval process, as well as saving time and money. As a writer and a graphic designer I can be a marketing department for projects or I have on-going marketing consulting programs to keep your information updated and post your promotions.

Business Philosophy: Marketing on Your Budget

My philosophy is pretty simple: start small and keep focused. Narrow or expand that focus based on results. If you don’t start small, you may never start at all. If your start is successful, keep the ball rolling – if not, get feedback from friends, family and colleagues to change your strategy. I do not overbid projects and try and upsell you more than you need. I do not mark up services that are simple for me to do, for example an SSL is $40 and I have seen other companies quoting them for $150.

I have recently begun some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services which are experiments in writing and consistency. I am learning something new everyday, because Google and the other search engines seem to change their algorithms every day as well.

My Experience:

I’m a graphic designer and website developer – with a background in advertising, marketing and promotion. I’m also a writer with an English degree and news writing experience.  Give me a call for a consultation on what you are trying to achieve.

If you would like to pay online, click for my Square Store.